Monday, 26 May 2014

Enjoy it while it lasts // (photos from my last week of school!)

(photos from left to right: leavers 2014 hand prints // me wearing my old school uniform on my last full day of sixth form // il miss these two girls when they go off to university ...and Liam's sassiness! // some of the many photos i took on the last full day of school // me and my sister looking sad because of the height difference, or sad because it was my last day? // getting exited about the AM logo on the barriers at Finsbury park // Alex Turner being perfect // my 'front pit' wristband from Arctic Monkeys)

Although it hasn't quite hit me yet, it is safe to say that i have now finished school ..forever! last week was my last ever week at the school i have been at for the past seven years. It doesn't at all seem real yet, in the back of my mind it still feels like we are returning in september! Tears aside, it has been a really fun week and despite my constant moaning about homework and teachers, i really have enjoyed my time at secondary school. (well, most of it.)

Since i have been so caught up with revision and deadlines i seem to have completely abandoned this little blog of mine. since i have now finished two of my A-levels and i only have one exam to go, i now have plenty of time to blog but i thought i would do a quick 'my week in photo's' type post to get things started, as i have had a great last week of school.

Monday - Wednesday consisted of parties in all of our last lessons. everybody brought in tea and cake and we gave thank you presents to our teachers. My photography teacher even made us all a pencil case with our name on it! On Thursday we all wore our old school uniforms (as we don't wear uniform in the last two years of school) and spent the day taking photos and chatting about everything everybody was moving on to do next year. 

Finally on friday morning we had our last assembly as a year group and a glass of pimms and then we where free! i went to my friends house for pizza and then rushed into London for probably the best concert i have ever been to! We saw Arctic monkeys (supported by Royal Blood, Tame Impala and Miles Kane) at Finsbury park. I have been in love with Arctic Monkeys since the age of 11 so to finally see them live was amazing and they sounded great! It also made me VERY exited to see them again at reading festival in august!

If any of you have just finished school, leave a comment on this post about your last week. i would love to hear about it! Stay tuned for plenty of fashion posts on my blog!

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