Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Birthday Pug

I have been making these quirky little heart decorations as gifts and to go on greetings cards for a while now, (putting my A-level textiles to good use!) and i thought i would share with you my most recent make. I made this cute little birthday pug decoration for my friend Livvie as it is her birthday on monday. These decorations are really easy to make, i simply layer fabrics on top of each other and then stitch them on the sewing machine using a free machine foot. i always add a photograph to the center and stitch it with embroidery thread. This time i went for a photo of a birthday pug, as i know she loves pugs (who doesnt?!).

I really enjoy making textile decorations like this, and for a while now i have been considering making a load of them over the summer and selling them, but i have no idea how to go about that sort of thing so if anybody has any wisdom they could pass on then i would love to hear it!


  1. Aww how cute is that! I'm a new follower! love your blog! :)

    Shelf and Closet ♥

    1. Awh thank you so much for following me! :) x