Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Colder then a polar bear's pajamas

 top - DIY
trousers - Topshop 
watch - ASOS via Ebay

So i was browsing the Topshop sale rail recently and came across these jazzy floral trousers for £10! so i grabbed them thinking they would be a great piece for summer. However to my embarrassment, when the sales assistant scanned them they actually came up as night wear! I looked them up on the topshop website when i got home and it turns out they are pajama bottoms! I do love them though, and they are SO comfy so  you never know, i might be brave and wear them out or they may remain lounge wear. we shall see!


  1. You're beautiful!

    Check out my blog if you're interested?


  2. I have also picked up a pair of pyjama bottoms in Topshop before thinking they were trousers! They are very deceiving! I love your blog, here is the link for mine :) xo